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About Us

We Are India's leading
edu-tech company

Having developed new-age learning products like BT and SAGE, we are enabling the major stakeholders of the entire education eco-system to up their game. Our offerings empower schools, students, educators and policy makers to assess their respective performances and take more informed decisions which is the need of the hour if we are to take education in India to the next level. In a remarkable short time period, we have positively impacted hundreds of thousands of schools and students and are excited to take the light of education to the remotest corners of India.


How We Grew Up?

Clixa Tech was born out of a concern to address the flaws widely prevalent in the Indian education system. Having been associated with the education sector for decades, we saw an opportunity that not many companies either couldn't spot or were not willing to address. So, after an intensive research and backed by a team of educators and technologists, we embarked upon a journey to transform the education paradigm, one step at a time.


Our mission and vision


To help students learn from home. To help schools and policy makers to assess the academic performances of their students and get scientific data to dramatically improve upon their offerings.


To be seen as India's foremost ed-tech company that successfully helped in transforming the education paradigm in the country.


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